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Get clear and helpful security advice focused on:

  • What risks you should actually care about
  • Easy ways to avoid them

How it works

3 Easy Steps


Small Businesses

Medium Businesses

1. I learn about you

Answer questions covering finance, IT, data, and marketing.

1 hour 3 hours

2. I think about you

I digest what you told me and prepare a report.


3. I deliver to you

I present the report and answer questions.

1 hour 1 hour

Pricing is based on the complexity of your business, with larger businesses usually requiring more effort to fully assess.  Special regulatory or security concerns may also add complexity and effort.  If your business is more complex than your chosen tier, we will agree on how to adjust at the end of the first meeting.  Checkups are focused on:

Small Business

Less than $10 million in annual sales and fewer than 10 office employees.

Medium Business

Between $10 and $100 million in annual sales and fewer than 100 office employees.  

The checkup results in a report containing an objective assessment of your security risk and the most effective ways you can reduce it.  If you would like further help implementing any recommended changes or assistance with other security efforts, focused consulting is also available.  

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