Security Execution Coaching

It’s much easier to succeed with a good coach. They push you to perform your best, encourage you, and help you to achieve more.


We guide business owners and leaders through completing their security plan and achieving their security goals. Coaches are experienced, knowledgeable about security risk and strategies, and absolutely focused on helping you succeed.


Simple Salt coaches meet you where you are and help you make your next best step. They help you get things done with the least fuss. Our coaches guarantee that you always know exactly what needs to be done next, how to do it, and how important it is.

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For Teams

Security Coaching is for teams, too. Each coach is an experienced and credentialed Project Management Professional and can guide your project teams, keeping them organized, accountable, and focused.



Simplify your security efforts with a coach today

Meet with your coach on your schedule. Schedule an introductory call today. We'll discuss what you need, determine how a Simple Salt Execution Coach can best help, and set up a meeting cadence to enable your success.

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