Compliance Readiness

Many securities programs start with compliance: a customer, vendor, or regulatory agency tells you to get certified. They give you some acronyms like SRG or SOC2, or maybe a checklist of mumbo-jumbo. Then you spend too many hours googling them and deciding how much time and money you need to spend to jump through their hoop. On top of that, people on the internet aren’t perfectly clear what will actually meet the standards, so you’ve got a sinking feeling that you still may fail the certification the first time around.

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Don't waste your time like that. Even if you have all the skills to figure it out, you’ve got better things to do. There is a reason why auditors need a credential for most of the major security certifications, and why the CIS Top 20 got so popular: many of the requirements are hard to understand, and deliberately written in vague or specialized language.

Simple Salt helps you prepare for security audits and certifications. Our advisors have experience across many security frameworks and regulations. They efficiently determine the best changes for your organization to make and keep you compliant.

Some compliance frameworks such as HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, or Sarbanes-Oxley cover topics that extend beyond security. In these cases, Simple Salt partners with trusted complementary compliance firms to provide you with a complete certification path.

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