Keep your customers happy

Do your customers entrust you with important secrets or access? Do they worry about how well you’re protecting that trust? Do they keep bothering you about it?

Some customers can be demanding about your security, and there is so much they could ask you about – it may even change year-to-year. There is ISO 27002, NIST SP 800 and NIST CSF, HITRUST, the SIG, the CSA, CIS Top 20, MITRE [email protected], about 10 OWASP frameworks, Bitsight, bug bounty programs, and a swarm of certifications: SOC1, SOC2, SAQ-As, SAQ-Ds, FEDRAMP, and hundreds more. It can be overwhelming to answer them all. If not managed well, they can be a major distraction from working on your priorities.




Sometimes you need help

Simple Salt can help you with every aspect of managing your customer security response. Our trusted advisors can help interpret esoteric security language, advise you on the easiest ways to meet customer requirements, build libraries of standard responses, and if you want, just take care of it all.

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You have better things to do than learn the minutia of different security frameworks and how to satisfy auditors. Let us do it for you. Schedule a chat to discuss how Simple Salt can help you with keep your customers happy.

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