Virtual CISO

Sometimes you just need someone reliable and trustworthy who can handle multiple security efforts and let you focus on your top priorities. At large companies, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) leads the security organization. They define security priorities, build approaches, and drive execution. For smaller organizations, finding and retaining someone with the skills to fill this role in a reasonable budget can be impossible.

Seasoned Leadership

We address this problem by providing a remote, part time (Virtual) CISO invested in your success. All our CISOs have strong experience in maturing security programs, building teams, and advising all levels of your organization about security risk. They are smart and get stuff done. Our CISOs excel at:

  • Managing teams and delivery
  • Writing policy and communicating priorities
  • Measuring program effectiveness
  • Assembling business cases for security investments
  • Delivering polished presentations to boards, regulators, and customers




credible advisory

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Technical Acumen

As seasoned professionals, they also have strong backgrounds in many technical security topics such as:


Like all Simple Salt advisors, our CISOs are accessible, dedicated to your success, and focused on helping you with your next best step. To learn about how a Simple Salt CISO can help your organization, schedule a chat today.